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Pricing For Ecommerce Development
That Scales With Your Requirement

Basic Plan
  • Details
  • 10 Pages In Admin
  • 10 Pages On Front Site
  • 300 ProductInsertions
  • 10 Changes Only
  • Domain & Hosting By Client
  • Blog Installation
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Professional Plan
  • Details
  • 20 Pages In Admin
  • 20 Pages On Front Site
  • 500 ProductInsertions
  • 20 Changes
  • Domain & Hosting By Us
  • Blog Installation
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Premium Plan
  • Details
  • 30 Pages In Admin
  • 30 Pages On Front Site
  • Unlimited Product Insertions
  • 25 Changes
  • Domain & Hosting By Us
  • Blog Installation
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Your Own Plan
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  • Unique Interface
  • Secure Coding
  • Payment Integration
  • Analysis, Speed and Testing
  • Unique appealing interface for your brand

    If you want to have your own shopping site, you must have been surfing over internet about different type of shopping sites. All the shopping carts have there own way of presentation.We try to create a Front End for your site that will not ony engage user but will also make them feel a very easy way of shopping.

    An Ecommerce website is not only about listing products but it is an technology that presents thousands and lacs of products on a single domain or site. It is like having your own Retail of some thing or everything and we are here to decorate your retail from inception to its working.Our Group of designers will work on your idea to make it a reality.

  • A very secure and compact coding

    Our highly dedicated and experienced group of developers will work with an intention to make your eCommerce website highly complex but very secure. We try to hide core group of very important information of a user through different layer of security measures. Personalised information will be decoded and will be stored in away that even the developers will not be able to know it, if they ever try.

    While developing a shopping site, we use multilayer approach, where request and response from the main interface will be visible to some coders but main functionality will be hidden and wil be visible to only some core group of developers.

  • Integration of Payment Methods

    There is no meaning of a shopping site if it does not have a payment integration. A payment integration will inhance the trust of users on your site and it will also minimize the working of the owner.

    We will offer all our support from integration to implementation of payment gateway for your shopping site. If you will have any other mode of payment, we will do that in your way.

  • Analysis, Speed and Testing of your shopping site

    We analyse your idea then present it in a way that it should be able to navigate all your products and pages with the sites home page. Our methodology is to make all pages accesible to user without compromising on the idea of the owner.

    Our intention had always been to satisfy the demand of user but we also try to make it as fast as possible, as we value the time of your users and we don't want them to wait for a site to open.

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