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Pricing For SEO Optimization
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Basic Plan
  • Details
  • 90 Hours
  • 10 Blog Posting
  • 20 On Page Optimization
  • 50 Backlinks
  • 20 Local Listing
  • 30 Social Sharing
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Professional Plan
  • Details
  • 150 Hours
  • 20 Blog Posting
  • 40 On Page Optimization
  • 75 Backlinks
  • 40 Local Listing
  • 60 Social Sharing
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Premium Plan
  • Details
  • 200 Hours
  • 30 Blog Posting
  • 60 On Page Optimization
  • 100 Backlinks
  • 60 Local Listing
  • 90 Social Sharing
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  • Why SEO
  • Onpage and Off Page SEO
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Know Search Engine Optimization

    If you will search over Google for your product and service then whether your site is visible on search engine result page or not and if it is present then at which position.

    Search Engine Optimization is a technique to ensure that your website page rank higher in Google Search Result page. We follow the Google's working and algorithm to make a better representation of your web page.

  • Onpage and Offpage Search Engine Optimization

    We will research keywords of your competitors and will link those keywords in your page that will satisfy the contents of your site. We will also try to be helpful for you if you are going to write content for your site.

    With this we will also make high quality backlinks for your site as this will satisfy the Google page rank algorithm to rank your page higher in Google Search Page. We will also do blog posting and press release for you.

  • Use of Social Media

    Now a days social media are being accessed more than any other form of website there is more frequent change of information over here than any other form of channel.We are ready to handle all those channels of your with updates and analysis.

    So Indeed social media are going to play a bigger role in your brand, service or product promotion. Even Search Engines like Google and Bing too consider to give a rank to website page which has an instant share, like or update over Social Media.

  • Search Engine Marketing and PPC

    If you want to have instant visitors and customers to your website then you should opt for SEM as SEO will take more time. SEO is a long term and continuous procedure but SEM is short term costly but instant procedure to promote your brand.

    If you are looking for a change in your approach of marketing or if you are looking for some high levelof vistors to your site as you believe that you have the product to attract them then feel free to contact us to run your Add over Google.

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