While writting the codes for any application whether it is a web and windows solution or a mobile application. We try to be as compact and robust as much possible. We always try to measure security of solution by the implementation of the back end coding.

Rather than writting our web apllication in general coding procedure, we have designed and created some of our own layered architectures. If we found a good framework which have a very secure way of commincation between User Interface and Database then only after some high level of testing we use them for the development of an apllication.

We have been using different type of technologies for solution development like .Net Technologies, Zend Engine, Opencart, Codeigniter and other available and most used frameworks. We are highly adavance coder of PHP, C#, Jquery, Javascrpt.

Why To Choose Layered Architecture

If you have a little technical knowledge you must have some knowledge about layered architecture method of development. With the adavncement of the technology there was a need to make future application more secure and compact, and to achieve this engineers have deviced layer way of back end coding.

“We prefer three layered architecture as it is being used by most of the pre build available frameworks in the market like .Net's MVC.”

We will try our best to create your application as complex from the backend as much possible to make it highly secure.